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To Fear Or Not To Fear....

Fear is a great controller.

What is your biggest fear? Why is that a fear of yours? When did it become a fear? What can you do to overcome this fear? Have you even given it much thought?

Fear is an emotion that we feel whenever we "believe" something is threatening, or dangerous. Although the thing that we fear could have happened decades ago, in the moment that we feel the emotion of fear, that emotion is the result of an emotional assessment of a situation or circumstance. The first time that "threat" appeared in our lives, we established it as harmful, either emotionally or physically. Subconsciously, it became categorized in the "fear" column of our emotional database. Then, when that situation or circumstance reappeared in our life, our memory reminded us that it belonged in the "fear" category. Eventually, that perceived "threat" automatically triggered the same response.

Each day, we have new opportunities to evaluate encounters and experiences. We get to decide how to label what we go through. Throughout our lifetime, our emotions go through regular challenges. Our experiences get classified as pleasurable or painful...happy or sad...exciting or boring...and welcoming or threatening.

Now, fast forward a few years. Do you remember WHY you have your individual fears. Do you remember the circumstances that caused you to become fearful? Well, I challenge you to revisit each of your fears. Ask the hard questions. Evaluate whether or not you have grown, in any way, since you last attempted to overcome that fear. Then, evaluate how you can take steps to overcome those fears now. Your life depends on it!

Having a fear can be very different from a "true" danger. Recognizing a true danger is a mature assessment. But, if your fear is a self-imposed limitation due to an evaluation that was made when you were in a different, less mature, phase of growth, it's time to re-evaluate.

As a previous United States president once said, "...the only thing we have to fear is fear itself- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts..." Don't allow "fear" to paralyze your efforts to advance. Your quality of life depends on your ability to overcome fear.

Fear can be a great controller. But, you have to power to be even greater! Be determined to overcome your fears! Take control! And give yourself permission to fully experience your life!


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