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Enjoy The Process!

As babies, sometimes, our first breaths are shallow and irregular. From those first few breaths of life, follows new experiences, growth, and abundant learning.

There's room for infinite growth.

As I watch my son grow from a 6lb dependent newborn, into a fearlessly inquisitive toddler, I am amazed by his passion to learn. The way our bodies and minds evolve from drinking only milk to eating and asking for solid food is indicative of the hunger we should have on growing, and to have patience with the process. When you are eating dinner, do you think about the time when you could not even digest vegetables? Do you put yourself down about that time you spit up all that milk? We can’t remember how many times a day we fell before we learned to walk. We were fearless growing beings that took on challenges.

As adults, we have to remember the room for growth is infinite. The falls will happen and the timing might be too early. However, if we proceed with the determination that we were born with, our skills, timing, and passion will eventually align.

He's growing...fearlessly.

I remember a time when my son climbed onto an empty suitcase, and was visibly afraid of being a few inches off the floor without knowing how to get down. Instead of picking him up, I held his hand and helped him off. It was important for me to show him that even though it looked difficult, he could take that leap. If he gets himself somewhere frustrating, there is always a way to figure things out. Of course, eventually, after climbing a few times over the next few days, eventually he was getting on and off of that suitcase on his own. In short, sometimes the fear we have is so ostracized that it holds us back from conquering or enjoying a new adventure.

Let's revisit the concept of breathing. As infants, once we learn it we think that’s it… we are the masters of breathing. And then you become a little older, and you get upset, and someone tells you to breathe. Or you are an athlete and you are told to breathe. Now you are suddenly aware of the breathing process. You try to regulate breathing now as a tool to calm your body down. People who do Yoga, and pregnant women are given breathing exercises. So even the thing we knew how to do first in life resurfaces as adults for us to continue to practice. Which lets you know that anything we learned afterwards can always be improved upon… because learning is infinite.

There are times when we will feel discouraged and will allow fear to halt us. However, continue a passion for learning, and understand we were created to challenge ourselves. Any obstacle in life will be nothing but a stepping stone to your next adventure. Get help wherever you need it. But always remember....It is time to appreciate the process. Reward yourself for overcoming, and keep pushing forward!


About the author: Robyn L. Beyah is currently a stay-at-home mom, embarking upon a new career as a freelance writer and blogger, while raising her infant son. Stay-tuned for more articles from Robyn's journey, as she experiences the adventures of her new journey. Robyn resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area with her husband and son.

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