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Life Coaching versus Psychotherapy

Are you wondering about the differences between Life Coaching and Psychotherapy? Well, I'm gonna attempt to make it easier for you to understand.

Life Coaching IS NOT about diagnosing a psychological disorder. Life Coaching does not involve the prescription of any medications. But, what Life Coaching is about IS working with you to identify strategies and philosophies that will help you live a more authetically balanced life. Life Coaching is about using proven ideologies and personalized practices to help you connect with what truly motivates your move towards a more peaceful existence. Life Coaching is about working with an experienced professional who is sincere about helping you to make REAL changes in your life. When you're ready, a life coach can help you to see big results in a short amount of time.

Psychotherapy is ideal for those who have been diagnosed with a psychological disorder. A psychotherapist usually works with the psychiatrist to evaluate and monitor the efficacy of prescribed

medications and how it allows the patient to be able to work through limitations attributed to the mental disability, and to more fully understand the limitations of their disorder. Psychotherapy is a somewhat limited approach to dealing with scientifically researched and board approved methods. Sometimes, it takes decades for useful methods to be approved, just because of the complex approval process. Life Coaches are not bound by such approval boards. Life Coach professionals are afforded more flexibility to work with their clients. A good Life Coach will not hesitate to inform a prospective client that they would be better served with the skill set of a psychotherapist, if that is the case.

While there is an educational and certification difference between a Life Coach and a Psychotherapist or a Psychiatrist, there is a benefit to working with each. Which of these professionals you will want to ad to your arsenal of personal improvement resources is up to you. Some people may also choose to start with the "All Of The Above" approach. Others start with the Life Coach, as many insurances require referrals for the psychologist and psychiatrist appointments.

I hope some aspects of the Life Coaching versus Psychotherapy question has been answered. If you have additional questions, please send an email to:

Author: Lisa Jackson

Life Coach Wellness Advocate

Self-Improvement Motivator


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